I collected horse racing memorabilia and took horse racing photos for over 10 years and am making my collection available to other worthy collectors.  I am located in Ontario, Canada and ship orders everywhere.  Take a look and see what treasures you can find................


Shipping is normally limited to cost of mail only which must be paid and is not discounted. When ordering, please provide mailing address in full so this can be calculated.


Site Intro/Info - Please read if interested in ordering as well as specific information on buying programs
Programs - Racing programs from all over the world!
Postcards - An impressive listing of 100's of postcards listed by racetrack
Tote Tickets - Track tickets - from all over the world!
Photographs -  photos of horses and jockeys
Books - Horse racing books covering all aspects of racing
Paintings - Framed art & original oil paintings with photos
Miscellaneous Collectibles - Trading cards, calendars, plates, postal items, magazines, articles, glasses, and more



E-mail me at mjgoldie@yahoo.com for prompt responses to any questions.  Please, use a pertinent subject line, or it may not be read. 


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Favourite Links: 

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Racing Index - horse racing links

Dilemma of a Carnivore - where were you when Barbaro broke his leg?

To exchange links, please send an email with the subject heading "Thoroughbredstuf exchange" to: mjgoldie@yahoo.com


Most photos shown on this site are available for sale and ALL belong to me. The photos may not be reproduced without express written permission except for personal use. Thank you.